In the dynamic world of Dubai real estate, the complexity of dealing with properties can pose various challenges to the majority of people who don't possess in-depth knowledge of the market. This is particularly why Knight Courts Real Estate was born to serve in this industry.


Knights Court Real Estate, a leader in providing real estate service in the whole of UAE, is in business to offer and deliver a smooth process for both individuals and investors. Whether you are out in the market searching for a property to buy, sell, lease or rent, be it commercial or residential, we are here to guide you in every step of the process.


We consistently strive to adapt and answer to every client expectation using our highest quality of industry knowledge and insights. We boast our lineup of experienced real estate practitioners that we don't simply refer to as “agents” or “consultants”, but "Client Relationship Managers".


Apart from their comprehensive market awareness, our diverse workforce allows us to be on top of the competition because of their natural talent and extensive trainings in providing exceptional service and assistance to each of our customer. We guarantee to give the same level of attention and stress-free transactions to individual and corporate clienteles alike.


Our significant portfolio of Dubai properties encompasses both residential and commercial properties. From apartments and villas to offices and retail locations, our set of Dubai property listings is second to none. You surely won't feel the need to go someplace else. This is possible as Knights Court Real Estate works closely with giant developers and respected landlords to offer a myriad of quality properties at reasonable rates, thus certifying value for money to our clients.


But these are not all to us! Our wide-range of real estate-related services includes Property Management Support, Mortgage Consultation and Transaction Conveyance. Moreover, we can help you in almost every way imaginable through our partnership with renowned mortgage companies, interiors contractors, packers and movers, owner's association management firms, legal firms, etc.


Knights Court Real Estate has succeeded in closing deals for giant properties like Dubai Pearl, The World, Jumeirah Village, Dubai Lagoon and so much more, with project values ranging from 150 million to 3 billion.


Call us now and we ensure that we can take away all the hassles involved in finding your next property.